Creating and Sending a Slip | parentpaperwork

Creating and Sending a Slip

Click Add New Slip on the main menu and select which Form Template to use:

Configure the key attributes about the Slip in the top fields:

  • Slip Title is the name of the form that will appear in emails to Parents
  • You can select one or more Student Lists, just click to select/de-select, you can start typing the name of the List at the top to filter the Lists
  • You can select one or more individual Students, just start typing the name of the Student to display a list of suggestions
  • Who do you want to complete the Slip? Select Parents or Students - you can CC a read only link for the Slip as well
  • If Parents do not respond by the Due Date they will automatically receive a follow up email - if you enable the option 'Send Reminder on this date'
  • The Slip Date Time to Send means you can schedule Slips in advance
  • You can prevent Responses being submitted after a certain date by enabling and setting the Close Date
  • Use the Limit Responses option to restrict responses to the first XX after which Parents will be told responses are no longer being accepted - great for RSVPs for functions and events with limited space
  • Set Dates/Times in the Calendar Entry and parents will be able to download a calendar entry to add to their Outlook, Google or other electronic diary
  • Select Staff Users, or User Groups, to receive a notification when the Slip is sent, including a link to preview the Slip form that was sent.

Complete the Activity Information fields - remember these are all fully customisable via the Form Templates, you can even set default text to appear to save you re-typing the same thing constantly.

Click the Add New Slip button and your Slip will be saved, and you'll see a preview. If you have a simple workflow without approval sets simply click the Queue Slip to Send button and you are done!