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Update school logo

You can upload a new school logo file that will be displayed in your emails and online forms.

Click on your User Name at the top right, and select Settings to open the Settings page. Click the School Logo option.

Your existing school logo will be displayed.

The image file you upload should:

  • Not be larger than 500k
  • Not have dimentions greater than 480 wide by 160 pixels high.
  • Be in the format JPG, PNG or GIF.

Click to select a file, it will automatically be uploaded and displayed. If the width of the file you uploaded was greater than 480pixels wide, or the height was greater than 160 pixels, the image will have been automatically resized.

If you are happy with the way the logo looks then click the Save New Logo button to save your changes. Or you can Upload Again and select a new file.


Please note that changing your logo will not change what people see in any emails you have already sent out. So if someone has already received a Permission Slip email, they will see the previous logo image. Any new emails generated from now on will display the new logo. People using the ParentPaperwork web site (whether school staff or parents) will see the new logo straightaway.