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User Groups

User Groups are a way to organise your staff using ParentPaperwork into departments or groups and to control permissions and access for those Users

To manage User Groups you must be a ParentPaperwork Administrator. Click your User Name at top right, then select Settings. The list of User Groups displays a summary of the permissions assigned to Users assigned to the Groups.

Click Add New to create a new User Group, or click the Edit button next to an existing Group. When viewing an existing User Group a list of assigned Users will display, and you can add additional Users by clicking the Add User to Group button.

Permissions can be set for User Groups that will apply to all Users assigned to the Group.


Ways to Assign Users to User Groups

Users can be assigned to Groups by:

  1. Editing the User Group as above
  2. Editing the individual User,
  3. In bulk via the Users List page.

Edit User

When editing a User, start typing the name of a User Group into the field and select the correct Group from the search results. A User can be assigned to multiple User Groups.

Users List

Select one or more Users using the checkboxes down the left hand side. One the Action dropdown menu click Copy Selected to User Group. In the pop up box select the desired User Group and click the blue Go button.